Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Yosemite - Day 6

Today was a very frustrating day. Started of on a really cool V11 called Pine Box. Its really cool apart from the top out. You get to the top of this overhanging prow/pine box, then have to move into a gully with a tree in an awkward position. It gets in the way and also makes the fall a little bit of a pain. I did all the moves pretty quickly, well, apart from the top out. I linked into the crux but didn't do last move of it. I tried the end, fell off, got in a strop and left. I may go back with the sole intention of doing the top first before getting on the meat. We shall see.

On a side note, i did do a problem i couldn't do last year this evening. Don't make me kick your ass in camp 4. A really cool V9.

I took some more pictures of Kevin on Midnight Lightning. Got a few new angles to the usual shots.


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Justin said...

Go try the top some more. Its not so bad once you figure it out. Oh, and I've fallen from the top w/out a pad and didn't hit the tree either or get hurt so that's good to keep in mind. Good luck.