Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3 Lazy Days

Well i have spent the last few days back in civilization doing nothing. Well, thats not entirely true. Ive been trying to buy myself a new camera whilst over here. Much cheaper and a favourable exchange rate to boot. I've techically sold my old Nikon D70 on UKClimbing, so am going to upgrade to a Nikon D200. Hopefully take my pictures to the next level! Also trying to get hold of a new camcorder. Was initially looking at getting a Canon HV20, but have opted for the better and more expensive Canon HV30. Thats going to have to wait till i get back though as i only want a PAL camcorder and in the states its pretty much all NTSC. So thats kept be busy.

Ive also been trying to sort out some trips for when i get back. That and looking for some work also!

In the pipeline trip wise when i get back, i potentially have a Rodellar trip on the cards, over the bank holiday for a week. The weekend after maybe a trip to a cool bouldering area in Sweden that i cant pronounce or remember! Following that a late weekend trip to Font. Hopefully still be a little cool. Be good to see my friend Fabrice again who lives in the forest. And finally after that, a long weekend trip to Gorge Du Tarn. Ill have to see how the flights look on all these before i commit. Flying somewhere for a week suddenly seems so short now!

Keep you posted.

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Ghostface said...

Look forward to that footage on whatever new camera you plump for.

Nice lineup of venues too by the way!