Monday, April 07, 2008

Classics Day

Today we were feeling a little worked, so decided to have a classics day. There are 2 of the must do classics from the list at the front of the guide at Curry Village. So thats where we headed.

Circuit Breaker was an amazing highball finger crack. Here i am sending it.

The Angler Didn't make the list but was still cool.

Zorro was the second climb to make the list. Here is Steve climbing it.

Finally we finished off on a tough V7 called Root Canal.

I also got some long range shots of two new friends i met from Ecuador. Bagra And Zavier Climbing Serenity Crack, 5:10D

Took a cool pic of half dome whilst waiting for the Ecuadorians to climb!

So i am left on my own again now the boys have left. Kevin returns tomorrow so back to the old routine.

Every psyched.

PS. Hope the bear comes by again tonight!

1 comment:

Justin said...

Please don't bait the bear, you will be making my job much harder all summer long if you feed it.

On another subject...that finger crack problem sure is excellent eh?