Monday, April 14, 2008

End Of Trip (Maybe)

I find my self here back in civilisation, staying at Kevin's house just outside of San Francisco. It got hot, really hot in Yosemite today. The plan was to do Thriller today in the cool morning temps. It wasn't to be. Me and Wick went over to try it, but to no avail. Got to last move again, which probably makes it about 15 times i have been up there. It will have to wait till next time. Unless i head to Yosemite again this weekend, before flying home. We shall see. Anyway, here are some pictures of me on Thriller, and also the famous Huber brothers El Cap shot, replicated by me and Kevin!

Out, for now.


Doylo said...

Bad luck. i got done over on thriller by being there when it was too hot too. That last move is hard though. Makes yer sick dunnit.

Ghostface said...

Nice photos as ever Adam, keep em coming.

You getting video whilst out there to put together for an edit?

Adam Lincoln said...

only stills i am affraid. Be buying a new canon hv30 ASAP though!