Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Future Plans

So as i sit here in the Yosemite Lodge cafe, alone, (As Kevin left today for 4 days) i contemplate life. I've been on the road pretty much for 15 months now. Give or take a few weeks back at home in between flights. I started my journey proper in America, January 2007. (I say journey proper as i spent some time in Mallorca and Switzerland whilst i was finishing up working for my previous employees). So my America leg consisted of an extended stay in Hueco. Then, after Hueco i headed up to Canada, to go snowboarding in Whistler. This also included a very wet trip to Squamish. After this it was down to Bishop for a shortish trip before making my way over to Yosemite. Following Yosemite, it was back to Bishop then onto Joes Valley. On leaving Joes, i started my final leg up to Colorado, where i completed my trip in Boulder.

The next stage of my trip was a 2 month stint of climbing full time back in the UK. Following this i headed out to Thailand for 2 months to try and get fit before moving onto Australia, where i stayed for 6 months. 2 months of which was spent climbing in the Grampians and Arapilies. During this time i visited New Zealand for 6 weeks. Spending the most part in Castle Hill bouldering, but also taking in the sites of the South Island.

I very short spell back home and it was off to America again, for my second 3 month stint bouldering. Traditionally i started of in Hueco for a month. Moving upto Bishop for a month, and to the present day, where i find myself in Yosemite again for a month.

Which brings me back to contemplating what i am doing with my life. On return to the UK in a few weeks, i think its only right i get some contract work for a while. Just so i don't forget what working is like. I have some vague plans on an extended sport climbing trip to Europe before getting a little bit more contract work to take me up to Mid August. With my savings topped up i plan to head to Colorado for a bit to visit RMNP. This will probably be for around 6 weeks i think.

After this is where it gets complicated. I have a few business ideas i would like to put into practice, which involve a lot of planning and work, and i think the best thing would be to combine this with an extended trip to Switzerland. My friend Tyler is moving out there and think it would be the perfect opportunity to climb and plan things.

In the distant future, i feel i need to settle down. I still have very vague plans for another winter in America, and a stint staying out in Rocklands, South Africa. This will depend on a lot of other things, so we shall have to see.

Out, for now.

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Kevin said...

I shouldn't have left you alone.