Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Man, The Myth, The Legend Returns

Kevin returned today, so we went straight out to Camp 4. A brief warm up and then onto Midnight Lightning, see if i can improve on last years mantle high point. Got there first go, still can't do the mantle. Oh well. After that it was my first session on Dominator. Didn't go too bad. You never know how far away you are from doing these type of things..... We shall see. After that went over to do Bruce Lee. Didn't know beta but Kevin told me and did it 2nd go so was pleased. Will try Jackie Chan next, though looks tough.

Tomorrow we are off to Yabo Face, which is a cool V11 i have been itching to try.



Doylo said...

you punter, the left elbow must face upwards in order to do the mantel, sort yourself out.

Kevin said...

I have been there the entire time and that elbow has never been any where but down!

Justin said...

your both just yanking each other until one of you sends.