Friday, April 11, 2008


Jody and Patrick arrived from climbing in Jailhouse last night (The V12 Couple!)

Both very keen to try Thriller, which was perfect as the more pads the better. Temps are not exactly perfect at the moment, but they were ok, so we headed over. I must have fallen 10 times going to the final hold, which is a new high point for me, so was vaguely pleased. Maybe another day on it should see it done. Jody was doing pretty good but just failed to stick the ice cream hold. Patrick also getting to a similar point. Anyway, tired we decide to head over to Midnight Lightning. Conditions don't seem too bad so i decide to try it. As usual straight up to mantle first go and drop off.....

Next go the same thing, straight up to mantle and then, something that hasn't happend before, i pull in to mantle, rock onto feet, and i am done. I can't believe it! So pleased. It's not the hardest thing i've done by a long way, but its certainly one of, if not THE best.

Picture of me trying Midnight last year

I guess the legendary welsh climber Chris Doyle's advice he posted on my blog the other day did the trick "you punter, the left elbow must face upwards in order to do the mantel, sort yourself out."

Patrick got to the mantle next go, and fell almost holding the final holds, and proceeded to do this again next go! Finally sending pretty soon after.... Pretty fast ascent!

Here are some pictures of Patrick and Jody on Midnight, and also Jody on Cocaine Corner.

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