Tuesday, May 13, 2008

South Lakes Evening Session

I know i said i was going to concentrate on routes now, but had another bouldering session with Doylo this evening. Got to keep power up as well as getting fit. We started off at Hynning Crag. We went to try Transgenic, but it has a frustrating last move that will need to be learnt. And its not at all easy getting there.

After this we went over to Trowbarrow. I should have done Vitruvian man (7c) 3rd go but it ended up taking a lot longer. Got to the jug at the top a few times before actually holding the swing. Its a little scary also. Really keen to go back for the sit, Iron Man, 7c+/8a. The stand has one of the best moves i've ever done on it!

Just bought another pad today, so will feel less spooky on Thursday! (Or whenever i get back)

Still need to write up Rodellar trip and post pics!

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