Saturday, June 07, 2008

Not Much New!

Well, been out to Malham and Kilnsey loads of late. Have a project at each now.

At Malham i am working on Midledge Spread, a really cool 8a+. Here are some pics. The first is the crux move for me. Hitting that move and going to the top is about 7c. Then you have a hard start to get you nicely tired!

Today i opened my account on Grooved Arete over at Kilnsey. Another 8a+, and it feels harder than Midledge for me. More power endurancey! I am going to need a tad more endurance to do it. Still, only been my first day on it, so it should come together. I also need a knee pad, which will make things a hell of a lot easier!

Ill keep you posted!

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