Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Long time no blog.....

So its been 6 months since i last blogged. In that time a fair bit has changed. The last entry was just after i had come back from Ceuse. I had the hope of a job to come back for, and was looking forward to working again for the first time in almost two years. (Yes its a hard life) Well, the job never happened and that left me nothing to do again but climb. This might sound like the ideal thing, but i was going a bit stale in my climbing. I wasn't psyched when i went out and goals were hard to think up.

Anyway, to cut a few months short, this brings us up to November. I apply for a position covering the whole of the North of England and Scotland as a Commercial EPC surveyor. God knows how, with my IT background, but i got the job. It basically involves me going to commercial properties that are either up for sale or the lease is up for renewal, and carrying out a survey on the property to determine how environmentally the property is. I have to draw a basic plan of the building, measure up everything, including any windows and door sizes. (All the calculations are based on these). Then have to add any heating and cooling systems, lightning etc etc. Then that's when i have to go home and compile a report and submit the data into a database which works out all the relevant details and the building gets a rating, and usually, a certificate. The money is good, and i get a good few days off during week when its quiet so i am not complaining. I always keep one eye on the IT job market if i fancy a move back.

Well that brings me up to end of November, and start of the grit season. And with working, i have a new level of psyche whenever i can get out. Main goal for the grit was Brad Pit. Which i think anyone who is climbing around that grade also has as a goal. As it turns out, all the failings i had had over the years on it, as it turns out for me, was down to a heal. I had tied it in numerous boots, never being able to do the first move. Just wasn't getting the pull to move from the rail. Then second session on it, i happened to try it with a dragon on. I found myself suddenly slapping the jig, and 10 minutes later i was stood on top. Now i can't think i suddenly got stronger, or learnt anything about the problem that helped, i feel it was all down to a silly little heal. Either way, my project for the winter was done. And i was sad and pleased at the same time.

Phew, that's a lot of typing, catch up on blog will resume soon!

Here is a video which includes my ascent of Brad Pit.




GCW said...

About time you updated this!!

Kevin said...

Seriously! I was about to delete you from my bookmarks.