Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pad In The Sea!

Well, another supposed last day in The Cave. This time, it is certain to be for 3 weeks at least, as i go Spain on Friday. Still didn't satch up Cave Life, kept sliding out of toe hook, and when it did stay, i was too boxed to get feet onto left wall traverse. That's fine though, something to come back for.

Had a mess around on Oppotrocity, flashing to the big throw to the pinch before the drilled pocket at end of Lou. It's quite a cool problem, but i then got side tracked by Full Circle, a cool v13 of Chris Davis's. Now, its never V13 in a millions years, but almost did it in a session. Once the Mule showed me the beta, it didn't feel to bad. I could do the crux, it was just the first move i was struggling with. In fact i did it from one move in, so hopefully next time. The mule satched it up, which was impressive. Thoughts on grade are V11'ish, maybe V12 a push. So that will be one to go back for.

Ted dispatched Broken heart. Which after a long discussion, we both agree its V9 with new heels beta. Lou Ferrino is harder. Grades ey, what would we talk about without them!

Ted went to try Drink Driving today, but was thwarted when his pad got blown into the sea from the pil box! He came back a little upset. Just as we were about to leave, Arran thought he would go have a look round LPT,and low and behold, what has washed up in the corner, yes, you guessed it, Teds pad! Though about 5 stone heavier with all the water.

Great day all round.

Must train hard this week for Spain.


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