Friday, April 24, 2009


Today i went to the Hollywood Bowl with Jordan. I wasn't expecting much but did have my eye on Kleptomania. I though i would be lacking the the power needed for it. My first try on a rope working it seemed to prove that i was right. It felt desperate. Though on getting to the chain, i had a play on the 8b+ extension, which Jordan was trying. This must have woken up my body as my next go i was at the chains of Klepto, and was just about to clip when my heel blew. Quite scary when your inverted! I lowered to the ground and fired it next go. Very satisfying to do it so quickly. Though had tried it briefly years ago. I rested the rest of the day, as i am off to Malham tomorrow, and need to be fresh.

Hopefully i shall finish off The Maximum tomorrow. That then leaves me a dilema. Do i then get on GBH, Connect 4 or Magnetic Field. I want to climb my first 8b soon so Magnetic would be the obvious choice. Connect 4 is a loose end from last year, and GBH would be a nice 8a+ consoladation tick! Decisions decisions.

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