Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick Longridge Session

Went out last night with the intention of finishing up Super Submarine. Waited until as late as possible, and warmed up by strimming the bottom of the crag! All 150 metres or so. Was pretty sweaty after this so did a quick traverse and jumped on Super Submarine. Had a few warm up goes, slapping just short of Big Marine start, which, incidentally is the problem done for me as i have Big Marine so wired. I kept getting closer, changing my left foot position slightly. Still to no avail. I am getting the reach just not latching the hold! Think i just need to get stronger on the move and ill do it. Maybe next session maybe the one after, who knows. I know it will go its just a matter of when.

I warmed down with the Fr8a link of the traverse. From the start to Wobbly Block. It felt fine, and can now start pushing onto the high break. Once your getting to the high break you know the full traverse is on. Is this to be the year?

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