Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Routes To Finish Up

I hate unfinshed business. I am always so anxious to move onto the next thing, this unfinished business feels like a burden. Specially as most of it should be in the satch. My list is growing bigger, and just need a few weeks of focused energy to tidy them up and move on. I think making a note of them here might just help me clear some of them up.

So, here we go. If its on the list its stuff i have actually started to have redpoint goes on. Or, is just stuff i have been on thats gone really well, and is ready for redpoint goes.

The Maximum - Malham
Overnite Sensation - Malham
Main Overhang - Malham
Connect 4 - Malham
Subculture - Kilnsey
Salar - Rubicon
Hot Fun Closing - Rubicon
Caviar - Rubicon
Mussle Beach - Pen Trwyn.

So thats the routes. Bouldering wise.

Super Submarine - Longridge
Pacman - Trowbarrow
Cave Life - The Cave
Full Circle - The Cave
Lou Ferrino - The Cave

Quite a list, and if i can get at least half of them done and dusted this year ill be happy. I will of course be getting on new stuff, and so the list will grow. Now its written down though, it will help be to focus a bit more.

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