Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Suprising Myself

Went to Longridge today with Sean. He had the beta for Super Submarine and i am keen for my first V12 so this being the closest one to my home, it makes sense. Turns out it wont matter as i nearly did it n a session. I keep suprising myself lately! Maybe i have just got lucky of late and picked things that really suit me. Who knows. All i know is that when its not drizzling, and conditions are better i will do it. I was about 3 inches off sticking the move, which gets you into the standup. Which incidentally i have pretty dialed!

For those that don't know the problem, he is a vid of Gaz on the FA.

Hope to write soon with the good news!

Incidentally i repeated Ruperts V8/9 yesterday also. In Excess sitter. A tricky little problem with brilliant moves. Probably worth 7c, but like i said above, not great conditions. Ill try it again when its not drizzling.