Friday, August 21, 2009

Best day ever!

Well, after my near miss last month of nearly doing an 8a and an 8a+ in day, i finally managed it today. Of course, i had been on both of them before.

I was sat on the toilet this morning thinking, any days i drop the kids off before climbing is usually a good day. And today was no exception. I warmed up with comedy, putting the clips in. (A first). Then did Grooved arete 2nd rp of the day. Jumped on Subculture, worked the moves and did it first go of the day. Once at the belay, i kept going and finished up Myra Hindley, for a full tick. Sure its been done before but this means you go from the bottom to the top of the crag.

Its days like this that make you realise how good climbing is. Pushing your limits and always improving.

Pics from top to bottom
Me sending Subculture, 8a.
The Barrans working Northern Exposure, 8b+
Jordan working La Connection, 8b
Naomi Buys almost doing Subculture, 8a
Ash, too much cheesecake?

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Keeg said...

Effort beast, and all without pulling off any holds? :o)