Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grooved Arete

I had my second session on Grooved Arete yesterday. Wasn't feeling great but linked from the pocket to the top. Had a good link from bottom too, but no cigar. Think its 8a from ground to the jug, or 7c+from pocket to top. Hopefully next session, if better conditions, i should be in.

I warmed up with a flash of nerve ending, a cool short little 7b below the bulge.

Well, my diet has gone to pot lately, so come monday i will be back on it, and training hard. Got a long list of things to finish off so need to be in tip top shape. Hopefully the weather will play ball. Am off all this coming week so hopefully lots of climbing

Some pics below.

Grooved Arete 8a+

Nerve Ending 7b

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Anonymous said...

hey, not sure these pictures will inpire me to get on UK sport...I guess they dont say acquired taste for nothing...did tenere 1stgo yesterday (missed the flash on the cross low down!!), did correspondance imginaire on saturday so 2 7c+ in a weekend...shame work is try to stop me from tking two weeks off in september cause looks like I am improving slowly but surely!! what are your plans? Nicolas D