Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another two 8's in a day

This time i had never been on either or knew anything about them.

The call of nature - Quite soft for 8a, may settle at 7c+?
The toilet - Tad soft for 8a, but tricky feet.

Both got silly run outs at the top, which in the case of TCON ruins an almost 3 star route. The toilet is just too polished for classic status.

Chuffed to get them both in a day, although the easy start is shared by the two.

Been training at the wall lots and have noticed a quick increase in stamina which i am please with. All i hope for now is a good september and October weather wise to polish off a few more things.

Working the rest of the week now, and probably some trad at weekend, then back on sport again next week. (In between looking for a van!)


GCW said...

Is this van instead of your TT?
Pimp it up :-)

Adam Lincoln said...

No, the TT is staying for now! Van is as well as.

Doylo said...