Sunday, September 20, 2009

First 8a Flash!

Well, kind of! It gets 8a in the guide book, but i would be deluded to think it was. Maybe the new lightweight me is climbing very well? Either way it was a good little route called Angel Heart at Trollers Gill. Went for a days onsighting and it certainly was! Two 7a's, two 7a+'s, a 7b+ and an 8a, cough 7c+ flash.

Rest day tomorrow, then potentially the Tor on Tuesday. Probably to get back on Revelations. Hope for better temps this time. As for the rest of the week, if its cold i would like to get back on Northern Exposure, hopefully to round off a awesome route season in style.


Stubbs said...

This may be of some use Adam ;)
Great effort nonetheless and good work on Rev. See you on the grit soon!


Adam Lincoln said...

Cheers dude. Yeah i did the harder start so 7c+ seems fair. See you soon