Sunday, September 13, 2009

Long Weekend Abroad

So i went on a last minute holiday to Wales. Stayed with Doylo on the sunny Orme.
Did lots of onsighting up to 7b, and ticked a few harder things too. Did a cool 7c+ at Landulas which is a one move wonder so was very hard. Managed to do it first rp which is always handy for saving skin.

Later on went over to try an unrepeated 8b called Corinthian Groove. I could do the crux everytime pretty much but not the move after. Not decided what to do about this but keen to get back on it again at some point.

I also finished of Doyles new route on Mayfair wall, Masterplan. It is a soft very reachy 8a+ thats quite bouldery. It's one you will do quick or not at all! Top route and a fin addition to the wall. Had a few goes on it months back when it was still a project. Did all the moves on Friday but lacked skin, then sent first redpoint on Saturday. Was chuffed.

Got home eventually with all the traffic! Bit of a busy week at work this week it turns out so Kilnsey tomorrow, then working till Thursday. Should take my mind off other things going on at moment...

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