Monday, October 05, 2009

The Oak

I headed to Malham today with Super Ted. I finished Overnite off the other day so i needed a new project. I said i would never get on the oak as it always looks totally desperate and not really my thing. I was surprised at how hard it actually was, more so for the feet. I linked from the horn to the top, but really need to dial in the feet for the traverse section. The start is hard though, being mainly undercuts, my weakness!

I am confident about it going down pretty quick. If not next session the one after that. It was in the blazing sun most of today, so conditions were not great.

Ted was on Idefix, and linked from the top of Aardvark to the belay. So great link and he should send next session.

All in all a good day. Am starting to feel a bit of a cold coming on, so hopefully lots of Lemsip should keep it at bay.

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