Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slaying vampires

Got to Malham today and it was ming. The oak was wet. I had two options. Unjustified, as Reevie was on it, or Energy Vampire, which Cookie was on. We were a three so didn't make sense to get on anything else. Had a few goes on the start of Energy but kept getting wet feet and slipping off. I was ready to pack up and go home when the sun came out.

Cookie dispatched. Then i dispatched after a warm up go. It was my first proper day on it after having had a play on it a few weeks back. I managed to clobber a sequence earlier, so all went pretty well in the end. Climbs much nicer on the upper wall than any of the other routes close by.

Off to Kilnsey tomorrow i think, but it might be wet. So we may end up at Malham again. If so i hope the oak dries over night. I need to do it while i am having a peak in my performance.

Two 8b's and two 8a+'s this week, my best week ever i think.

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