Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some gushing

Went to Kilnsey today, was pretty dry, and as i was warming up i knew i was going to do Massala Martyr. Some days you know when you are going to do stuff, and today was one of those days. Warmed up, put the clips in MM, belayed Arran on Vanilla Path, then dispatched MM first go, no hassles. I finished up Zero Option fora full tick and a bit of extra pump. No change in grade though. I would have to agree with Jordan that since the hold has broke this is no longer 8a+. It comes down to a v9 start, into a fr7a+, into a v8'ish sequence into a fr6c'ish finish. This was only the second ascent since the hold breaking so we shall see.

Stuffed after a 12inch pizza for tea. Back to Kilnsey tomorrow to see how the broken foot affects Dr Crimp. Also to watch Andy F tear GA a new arsehole...

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