Tuesday, October 20, 2009

St Bees

Had a job in Whitehaven this morning so thought i would pop to St Bees after. Forecast was rubbish, but i had never been before so if anything i thought i would have a look.

Was down by the boulders by 1.30, and tide was still pretty much in. So warmed up with Headbanger, which i onsighted. V8? Mmmmmm... Did it a few times for the video camera.

Then had an onsight go on Yellow Desert Screaming. Now i only had one pad and no spotters so this was a tad scary. Jumped off going for the first crimp. Second go I man'd up and went for it. Got to the slopey top to find it a tad damp. I was committed though, and just about pulled over. Pad was not under me anymore as i had place it wrong. Once the adrenaline had subsided i scramble back down.

Tide was still on way out and was starting to rain, so couldn't get round to fisherman's steps stuff. Decided to bag it and head home. Full on two hour drive. Keen to come back at some point though. Lots of cool stuff still to do, and a few projects that look good. Reckon a weekend in the spring is on the cards.

I trained when i got in. Weights and the Beastmaker with the 9kg vest on. Feel exhausted. Yorkshire Thursday, or maybe the Peak, weather dependent. Would be good to finish off Zeke, but only going to go if its good conditions.

Weekend is both days Yorkshire. Malham Saturday, hopefully finish up the oak, then Sunday back to Kilnsey for Dr Crimp. After speaking to Gaz, i have alternate eta to try. Mine is fine but maybe this new beta will make it easier.


Anonymous said...

What weight lifting routine do you use?

Adam Lincoln said...

Purely arms, chest and shoulders. Curls, hammers, shoulder press with dumbells, bench press, pec flys, barbell curl. Usually 3 sets, first being a warm up then the other sets 6-8 reps.

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