Friday, November 20, 2009

Another 8a Flash

Though sadly again it was tres soft! This time it was The Green Alternative at Raven Tor. The line in between Chimes and Weedkiller. An old Zippy route. Seen a bit of traffic lately. Got the beta off Jon Clarke and managed to flash it. Its way easier than Chimes so not sure on grade? Who knows.

After that was doing some stuff to train. Weedkiller into Chimes. An 8b link which is great for the PE i will need in the cave. Fell off a few times in Chimes, but was feeling tired after training yesterday. Fresh it should go.

Rest day tomorrow then maybe Cave Sunday, or even grit weather permitting.

Off to eat my sweetie that Keith put in my Between The trees dvd. Is he trying to fatten people up?

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