Saturday, December 05, 2009

Back Outside

Well no blogs for a while due to the terrible weather. Did manage to get out yesterday and ticked off a few new things i hadn't done before. The Terrace, the classic 7c, which is looking in bad state at the moment. Caked in chalk, and looking a bit eroded since when i first saw it 5 years ago.

Also managed and old nemesis in Blind date. I am sure there isn't a stylish way to do this problem! Or is that just me...

And finally i went over and onsighted Velvet Crab, a cool 7a+ i have been wanting to do for years. I may have pulled on before, i can't remember, but if i had, it certainly felt like an onsight. Very gritty and no chalk. Feels a tad scary like you might ping off onto your back.

Probably get to the cave tomorrow, but am in countdown to font now. Just over 3 weeks in the forest, my longest stint there yet. Weather is looking good on long range forecast, so fingers crossed. This time of year is always risky with Font, as i found out last year. But i am feeling lucky!

Some pics from today. The terrace, Blind date, and some nice views.

Signing out.

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