Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Font - Day 6 (Novelty Bas Cuvier Day)

I always feel bad going to Bas Cuvier. Especially bad going there and climbing on the carnage block!
It had to be done though as a few things i wanted to do resided on it. La Balance and Bérézina-Carnage link. Skin was lacking today, and warming up was hard. Marie Rose and La Joker and a few of the usual suspects...

James and i then went off to do La Balance. James does it second go i think, but was a repeat. I struggle for a bit as it is my anti style. My elbow starts to hurt to so i bag it off and we move on to the Bérézina-Carnage link. Not much success then out the blue i suddenly warm up to full capacity and pull it out of the bag. Nice.

We then go over to Imothep. James has a few warm up goes and ponders the beta. Not long after he is on top of the bloc. I get a bit of pysche back for getting on La Balance again. Sun has gone off it now, so i thought why not.

As soon as i pulled on i knew it was on. Sure enough, with not many style points for the last move, i find myself on top. Good day, with two more problems off the list.

Rest day tomorrow!


Unknown said...

get a job

GCW said...

get a tan