Monday, December 21, 2009

Not down yet

Went back to the only dry problem in Font today. (Bar Sherpa, but that's shit) To find it soaking. I tried drying it as best as i could, and had a go but slid off. So that is now 3 days i have been back to a 7c+ traverse now, and 3 times i have left empty handed. I should have done it first day on it, and been done with it. Last two days it has been too wet. It is more of a pain in the arse than it sounds as I have to warm up on Maison bleau woody, which is a lengthy process in these temps. Then to drive down the road to find it wet.

It is not getting me down though, as just being so close to the forest is good for the soul in its own right. It is also kind of fun driving around in the snow, not knowing if you are going to lose it and write your vehicle off. That wouldn't be good as i only have third party insurance out here. Still, least i am not in the TT!

Don't think stuff will be dry tomorrow, but maybe the day after exposed stuff might be.

Out for now.

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