Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I have got to write a brief blog about my New years in south of france, but thought i would do a quick update from today first. After a good moderate mileage day of lots of low 7's yesterday, i was itching to go and get on Amok and Fata Morgana today. I woke at 9 to go to the toilet and it looked mint and cold. I went back to bed for another hour, only to awake to it chucking it down with snow. My heart sank. I was pissed. Not to be deterred i decided to go and brush the snow off the top of Atomic Playboy as i had come close a few weeks back. Now it might be a 7c+ traverse but its one of the best line around. See previous blog about it for a picture.

As usual i warmed up in Neils garage, with the tunes banging out of the stereo for some added psyche. I made the scary icey drive down to Buthier and proceeded to clean the snow off the top out. I worked the top out, but found the big jug at the end had frozen ice in it. So i worked a harder campus finish, and had a rest for five minutes. I booted up, pressed record on the camera, and 40 seconds later, after a bit of a tussle with the end, found myself on top of the bloc. 1 hour warming up for 40 seconds of sending. This will feature in my short font video i will put together on my return to the UK.

Tomorrow we are off to Amok in the morning, then Fata Morgana in the afternoon. Both will need the tops brushing, but bar any horrendous snowfall over night should be ok.


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