Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bulge/Powerplant

Had a good few days ticking some easier stuff. Did the Bulge at Kilnsey after my recent tick of Ecstasy. Took a few goes due to bowling bowl hold at top not fitting my fingers! Enjoyed the route though, really good. I thought that would be it for routes with knee bars for a while, but what did i go and get on today? Powerplant at the Cornice! I met Jordan at Stockport about mid day, so a tad lazy start. We wandered down and it was hot. I had quite a few goes with some stiff boots, but kept falling out of the knee bar. I had the bright idea to try a soft shoe, and low and behold, i did it next go. 3rd redpoint. Cool route but still pretty dirty compared to Kilnsey. Put the clips in K3 to work moves for next time. Beta from Simon Lee and Rob Napier showed the way after a fruitless first go without beta! Burly, and i was tired. Next time...

Tick list for Kilnsey looking better now.

Ecstasy - 8b
The Bulge - 8a

So next up

Urgent Action - 8a+
Full Tilt - 8b
The Thumb - 8a
Dr Crimp - 8b+
Northern Exposure - 8b+

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Stubbs said...

At least the fact that you can get out in the week might give you a chance of getting on Urgent Action without joining a queue!