Sunday, June 27, 2010

History of 8's

Had a look over at my 8a logbook earlier, and was surprised by the amount of 8's i have done. Only really been climbing sport for 3 years, bar the odd sport climbing holiday. I have managed to do 45 8's in this time. This comprises of

4 8b's
13 8a+'s
28 8a's

Going to try and make my 50th a special one. Would be lovely if it was an 8b+. Though at the moment, i don't feel i have 8b+ in me. I need another month or so on the routes i have on my list, before i will jump on an 8b+ again. I am still ahead of schedule. My first 8b was climbed on the 9th of September last year. So i have 2 and a bit months to get on my game.

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