Wednesday, August 18, 2010


First day on Unjustified today. Apart from Evolution, this is the hardest route i have ever been on. After three goes up the route, i had linked the main section of the route. From the big undercuts, to the belay. The bottom bit is Something Stupid, and goes at a tricky 7b. Probably 7b+ by the time you get to the big undercuts. So. Do the numbers add up? 7b+ into an 8a/+. Who knows. The two sections don't feel that hard. Once linkage starts though, i am sure it is going to feel like a whole new kettle of fish. I am very psyched though, no other route has motivated me so much.

Can i make the step up from 8b to 8c in a year? Who knows. I am happy with 8b+ this year, if i can get an 8c as well, all the better!

It is a bit early really for Malham. In the sun during the day, conditions are bad. I really just wanted to get a feel for what i needed to do. I got a bit more out of the day than i was expecting. A lot more. Looking forward to the journey on this route! How ever long it may take.

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markmcgowan01 said...

go for it dude. looks great!