Friday, January 28, 2011

The Ben

Been a boring few weeks. Training training training. Getting fit for the routes season. I'd given up any ideas of getting any more ice done when i get a phone call from Kev Avery looking for a partner for a weekend in Scotland. Now i have heard Kev is a bit handy, so jumped at the chance. I think if i am ever to succeed in my all the 8's challenge, i need to do it in Scotland. More choice, better conditions, and much much more satisfying day out. Just getting to the crag takes 2.5/3 hours. Eeek!

How can you not get excited by this!


JR said...

you on all the 8s too? Which 8000m peak you going for?

Adam Lincoln said...

Cho Oyu. Sent you a message on fb

Ramon Marin said...

hey Adam, what routes you go on in the Ben? Be interested to know. You know we have a great drytooling crag in north wales that you could practise? The are not proper M8's as there's no ice