Friday, February 04, 2011


Right, no one likes a list better than me. What better way to get motivated in these wet and windy times. This year i want to do more trad. I did a bit last year, but want to get some longer trips to pembroke and wales in this year.

So trad list, of the harder stuff i want to do

North Wales
Ressurection E4
Lord E6
Jub Jub Bird E6
E5 that goes under Dreams and screams
Lots of the E5's on main cliff
Wreath of a deadly nightshade (E6/7)
Long Run Direct E6
Strawberries E6/7

Some Scottish ticks from Extreme Rock

Dawes Rides a Shovel Head E8
Hells Wall E6
Bleed In Hell E8
Shere Khan E5
Lost Horizons E5
Bucket City E5
Fast and furious E6



GCW said...

"Right, no one likes a list better than me."

I would bet that R-Man likes them more, A!!!

aclickaday said...

Adam I noticed you have a list of E5's have you considered whilst next time your in Wales. To get your self in the Pass, on one crag in particular Craig Ffynnon Peris, just behind the Nant Peris campsite.

There is a lovely E5 and a nice hefty E7, other routes are E1.

Adam Lincoln said...

Cheers Stonemonki.
Did a load of stuff in pass over bank hols. Kind of running out of E5's now, have to start getting on a few of the E6's. Going to be living in Llanberis over the summer due to work, so will be having a good explore!

aclickaday said...

Cheers Adam for your reply, if your going to be living there over the summer. Get ya'self to Gideon Quarry, as far as I know there are a few good routes there.

I put one up in '99 with Mark Reeves we named it the Rothwell Incident, after slicing the tip of my finger off some rather sharp slate. Good E2 if you like loose flakes!