Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So we leave for the valley in the morning and should be climbing around noon. I am very excited for coolish temps as its been hot in Bishop and Hueco. Slightly hampering my planned projects. Good stuff has been done though and i am fairly happy. Plenty of mileage and repeating stuff i've done before and it feeling easier.

As far as Yosemite goes. I have a substantial ticklist. Some things i have not seen before, but are on the list as maybe's. A couple of v12's are on there as V11's are in short supply in the Valley. Good ones anyway. And i am climbing well at the moment, and psyche factor plays a big part in climbing!

So the list is as follows

Shadow Warrior
Park life. (Both very big maybes)

Yabo's Roof (Got close last year and is thought to be V12)
Yabo Face

Thriller (Should have done last year but it got wet)
Drive On
Across The Tracks
Good Vibrations

Heart Of Darkness

Midnight Lightning (Get some balls!)
King Cobra

Well thats all. I have a month. I'll keep the blog up to date.


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Justin said...

Add "Motorcade" to your list of V9's. Not in the book but Kevin can show you where it is.