Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Bear Wakes Me

Today was my first days climbing in 4 days, and the finger didn't hurt too much. My friends from San Francisco were down so was pretty psyched. We warmed up over at Housekeeping and the boys did a few things, then we came back to Camp 4 as i thought Steve could flash Pride, the classic V9 dyno. And he did. I did it first go after trying it over a week ago. So was pleased.

Pride, V9.




When we were all in our tents asleep, we were woken by a load growl. I haven't see a bear in 3 weeks and the boys come down and the first night there is one at camp. He sounded like just a small one. I'll be smearing honey on the surrounding tents tonight!

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Kevin said...

Nice job on pride! On a side note your post is full of typo's, your reminding me of a friend with the last name of dotcom.