Saturday, June 28, 2008

Midledge Spread In The Bag

It's satisfying when your trying and a project and take time off to train what it was you were lacking and come back and send it second go! I had been on Midledge Spread, a tough 8a+ at Malham for a few days. Kept getting to crux, and not doing the move due to lack of power endurance. So, i have a weekend in Wales training, and a few sessions at BoulderUk doing more power endurance. And today, it gets sent. First go of day i almost do it with my original sequence, but Jon fulwood showed me another way, and i got ot next go. Now, conditions were good today as opposed to other days i'd been on it but i don't know, think the training helped. I always thought i'd get through crux only to fall the the rest which is still a tricky 7c to the top. Instead i even changed my sequence and still had some to spare.

Happy now.

Only thing is, will be a new project tomorrow! Whats it to be though. I could consolodate 8a+ more, but stuff it, i feel i have some to spare so going to get on Magnetic Fields. A cool 8b that plays to my style. Boulder problem start. V7'ish, into a V8, into a french 7bish.

Bring it on!

Me on Midledge Spread

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