Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rare Day Bouldering

Had a rare day bouldering yesterday. Was a bit hung over from my birthday weekend, so wasn't expecting much. Started off really bad. but got better. Went to Warton to do E-fix a newish 8a which i fancied. I felt horrible, but did nearly flash a 7b, which i did second go. Need to go back to E-fix feeling better!

Here is a picture of Sean I took on E-fix. He repeated it for the video camera also.

Then we did a tour round a few other crags. I managed a 7c+ in a few goes down at Woodwell. I also nearly repeated a 7c/+ i had done a few weeks early. (Vitruvian Man) Got to having my hand on top pretty much straight away but swung off. So not too bad. Here are a few pics of the sequence.

Crux Swing

Tricky last move

Sean trying problem

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