Saturday, April 25, 2009

G Spot

Today me and Arran ended up at Giggleswick G Spot instead of Malham. It turned out to be quite the decision. We arrived and warmed up with a little bouldering around. Some quite cool crimpy problems. Hoping to get warm for Harry Tuttle, the 7b+. Very short and crimpy. I had a flash go but nothing was chalked so got powered out working out the moves. Sorted a sequence, then dispatched it next go. A toughie.

Next up was Militia. A super steep 8a+. I put all the clips in and chalked all the holds. Ticked up a few things and lowered off. I knew i could pull on the holds and didn't want to waste energy. I knew i may as well have a redpoint. It was short lived as it turns out, an unexpected tricky clip. With it extended, i pushed on to the top. The hard bit turned out to be just where Jordan had said it was yesterday when we went for a peek at the crag. You need to throw for a hold with precision. I fell here twice more on attempts. Knowing i'd do it if i stuck it as the top was easy i kept having goes. On my 4th attempt i stuck the move, and climbed the easier upper bit to victory! My first 8a+ in a day. Very pleased.

It has been a good start to the sport climbing this year, and with the weather being so good, lets hope this continues for the rest of the summer. Along with my climbing getting better, this could be the 8b year... Maybe even more!

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