Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Longridge French Grades For Links

Chatting with Arran about french grades for Longridge links has prompted me to write it down in type!

They are also on the Longridge Wiki, but i've added a few extra ones here.

Full Traverse Sections
Going Down - 8c+
Full Traverse (Traverse of the gods) - 8b+

Start to Icefall - 7b+
Start to Wobbly block - 8a
Start to High Break - 8a+
Wobbly Block to High break -7c
Icefall to highbreak - 8a
Icefall to Wobbly Block - 7b

Other Links
Long Low Life - 7b+
Bend Of The Rainbow Into Long Low Life - 7c
Pot Of Gold Start Into Bend Of The Rainbow - 8a


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