Saturday, October 03, 2009


After a bit of a heavy night on the booze and only 4 hours sleep i wasn't expecting to do much at the crag today. Walking in to Malham i got soaked to the bone. It was horrible. I was so pissed off. Took about an hour to dry out.

Once dry, the sun came out, i put the clips in Overnite and had a redpoint. My foot had picked up some wet dirt somewhere and i slid off. Next go i fluffed the lower standup move. Same on my next go. What a punter. Next time it all went smoothly and i was clipping the chains. Very much unexpected as i didn't feel great.

So that is one more loose end tidied up. I am never going to do all i have on my list this year, but if i could get any of the following i would be chuffed.

Magnetic Fields
The Oak
Zeke The Freak
Northern Exposure
Dr Crimp

I have a few other things that i have been on previously that need finishing up also. They are at the state of should go down with one or two redpoints. They are all worked and good to go! These include

Connect 4
The Thumb
Hot Fun Closing
Dangerous Brothers
Mussle Beach
Thors Moth
In Brine

Fingers crossed i can get some of the above ticked. I have also just bought a van so will be busy kitting that out. That also adds the distraction of a few days away at crags i wouldn't normally go too. Loose ends in the south include

Cider Soak
Breathing Method
Freaky Ralph

I will try and tidy these up in one trip, hopefully in the next few week. I am going to be busy!

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