Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zeke And Beluga

Great day at Rubicon today. Warmed up and felt shit. Put my clips in Zeke, and just wasn't feeling it. It felt hard, though i guess 8b should do. Came down and rested for a bit. Then went for a redpoint. I was lost in focus, but found myself through the crux and at the break, where a quick shake saw my clipping the chain. What an anti climax. I was expecting a fight.

Zeke The Freak - 8b

Next up was Beluga. Not been on it before, but have done Caviar. Its a tad harder, but more sustained to the break. Guess it was my thing, but a few redpoints saw me dispatch it pretty quick. Albeit having a moment going to the break. But the less said about laying one on facing a deck out the better. Oops.

So all my projects are coming together nicely. Hopefully The Oak on Saturday and Energy Vampire. Then Sunday, weather and conditions permitting, Dr Crimp. Oh to dream ;-)

Out for now.

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