Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Power Is Pumped

Today the forecast was really good, but sat in Outside cafe it was ming! So after a tour of possible grit crags we end up at the Tor. Totally mint, it felt like cheating. Got on Pump up the power as Harry was trying it and had loads of pads. Of the ten minutes i have spent on this in the past, its always felt nails. First go i fell going for the gaston. Second same. Third same. Fourth go i was on the jug. Felt easy and i wished i had taken a rope with me for the full route.

So i put some clips in and then tied on and went for the full route. Fell off going for gaston first go, rope felt weird. Then in the rain, managed to get to jug again, and onwards to the top. Top day, and to warm down i finished off with the sitter to right of bens roof problem. Another tick in the book.

Ted also flashed the 8a i flashed the other day, The Green Alternative. He thought it was probably worth 7c+, which i wont disagree with.

Pump Up The Power, V10/7c+, Raven Tor.

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