Sunday, January 10, 2010

Game Over

I am sat in my friends flat in Paris smiling after an amazing 3 and a bit week trip to Font. I have had highs, i have had lows. I have had amazing weather, and i have had crappy weather.

Two days ago i went to try Fata Morgana. I have been wanting to finish this off since tying it on a trip last year. Basically i should have done it the other day. I was up on the two pockets, foot on, staring at the finishing jug, and my foot popped. I couldn't get there again, so i decided to postpone my return to england for three days to go back and try it again.

That day was today. I returned to the bloc after warming up at Neils. I went on my own, then there was no pressure. I got there feeling good, but the rock was far from good. The problem was a sheet of ice. I tried scraping it off and drying the rock, but kept falling off the bottom. I realised it wasn't going to happen, and admitted defeat. I am fine with that. The problem isn't going anywhere, and when i come back i will be even stronger, and a better climber.

I have a few more problems i want to finish up i the UK, then i will be training for the routes season, which i intend intend to start early on.

I have a few return trips to Font this Spring, so the game is not quite over for the year.

In the mean time, i have plenty of footage from my trip, and intend to put a short film together. This is as soon as i can make the switch from MAC to PC. By far the best editing package i have used is Sony Vegas, and as i intend to do more filming and editing this year, i need to make the switch back to PC. Plus pocket some money on the difference in price between my Imac and a decent PC.

Lets hope the snow melts soon in the uk. Will try and get out on the hills for some snowboarding over the next week, before my trip to Morzine next month.

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