Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogging brings good luck!

Well after my first blog post in ages yesterday, stating my intentions, i managed to redpoint one off the list today. Ecstasy went down first redpoint of the day. Just. I hadn't warmed up properly, and by the time i had got to the top shake i was really cold. And pumped. I had my hands on the top and almost dropped off climbing. Somehow finding the fight to hang on and clip... I had torn a big flapper so the blood everywhere didn't help.

First big tick of the year. Feel like a bit of weight has been lifted as it was turning into an epic.

I have stumped for the bottom 8b grade as per guide. Going off people who have done it and logged it on, only two have put down 8a+. Ondra and Jordan. Though Jordan is changing it to 8b he says. And as for Ondra? He climbs a full number grade harder, so he doesn't count.

Grades eh...

So my list looks something like this now.

Ecstasy 8b
The Bulge 8a
Urgent Action 8a+
Full Tilt 8b
The Thumb 8a
Dr Crimp 8b+
Northern Exposure - 8b+

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