Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So so close...

So Kilnsey is pretty dry again. Just bottom of Full Tilt now a tad damp. Everyone is Ticking!

Jenny Wooward cruised 'The Thumb' yesterday. Karen Magog and Steve Crowe also ticking it. Basia added 'The Bulge' to her recent spell of good form. Others she has ticked include 'The Ashes' and 'Urgent Action'. She is now on Ecstasy, and looking good on her first go up it. Adam Jeewooth almost did Indian Summer first redpoint yesterday. He warmed up on Sticky wicket, but just kept going. He didn't bother having another redpoint, he gets bored very easily ;-)

As for me, well, i fell off one move from victory on Dr Crimp yesterday. So, my elusive 8b+ tick is close. I have a feeling it won't fall next go though. Far from it. People seem to think i had done it last week, not sure how that came about! Its not as if my clips came out of the route... Think i am going to go back Friday, and wait till lateish for the good temps. Both my projects at the moment require good temps to maximise chances of success.

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uptown said...

Nice reportage Adam. It's good to hear the Yorkshire news from the comfort of my desk. Good luck on the worst named route in the UK!