Wednesday, May 21, 2008

France Tomorrow

I am currently packing for my trip to Gorge du tarn. The land of soft touches and scary bolting. (Apparantly). Weather is looking rubbish, but least its so overhanging rain wont effect us! Got a list of routes id like to try, so we will see how many i work my way through. Not going to do so many easier classics this time, instead concentrating a bit more on difficulty. I always go to areas and do classics, and never push myself. Lets see how changing a habit of a lifetime works out!

On a side note, had a good session at Cringlebarrow last night with Greg and Doyle. I say good, as it turned into a bit of a power enduro sesh. I fell off the last move of a longish 7c+ about 8 times. So i got a power enduro work out from what started out to be a bouldering sesh. I did flash a 7b though, so still got a bit of strength.

Ive been training pretty hard for this Tarn trip. Well, as hard as you can train stamina in 2 weeks. My base level was not as bad as i thought for the Rodellar trip, so ive built on that with multiple sessions down Longridge.

Lets see how things go, report when i am back Wednesdayish next week.


Justin said...

Did that problem at the Sentinels the other day, check pics on my blog. Thanks for the pointer.

Kevin said...

The lack of pics is killing me, you need to do something about that