Monday, June 02, 2008

Back From France

Well, what a waste of money that was. 5 days climbing, 4 days of rain. Couldn't get to the really good sectors like Tenessee. It started so well, with me doing an 8a (5.13b) first red point on my first day. Albeit a very soft one at that! See pictures i took of it below. My friend Nick trying it. He was so close.

My friends Jody and Patrick came down to visit, which was cool. I climbed a lot with those guys in America and they have been working in Germany for last month. Psyched for some Euro bolt clipping they planned on heading to Rodellar. Worst weather in Europe in years put paid to that. Oh well. It can only get better.

Rest of trip was millage. Onsighting lots if 7a's and 7a+'s. Few 7b's as well. All good training for my projects back home.

Some pictures of Nick on the very soft 8a

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