Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sorry for lack of blogs. Been a bit busy. Plenty of climbing but mainly lower intensity. I injured my finger on the beastmaker and/or the longridge traverse! I have been plodding around doing some good 7c's and 7c+'s. I marked the pretty much healed finger by doing Bens Roof in a session (plus 30 mins years ago) and finishing off another loose end in Dead Calm. I have since started work on this years projects. Ive left a lot of the loose ends as they are generally shorted stuff for later in year when i am easing back into the bouldering.

So, new tick list looks like this!

The Thumb - Kilnsey
Urgent Action - Kilnsey
Let Them Eat Jellybeans (AKA, The Bulge) - Kilnsey
Subculture - Kilnsey
Magnetic Fields - Malham
Supercool - Gordale
The Groove - Malham

If i get these done i will be very happy. I dont expect to get them all. I am easily distracted!

More blogging soon.

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uptown said...

So how many of the list have you conquered upto now Adam? I have similar aims for the next couple of months so if you want to team up for any just shout.