Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Almost an amazing day

In the car down to Rubicon today, i joked with Arran that i wanted to finished off Caviar then do Hot fun closing. I thought i may just about manage Caviar at best.

We started climbing foolishly in the heat again, shredding our tips, and not doing too well. I had my first redpoint on Caviar, and got though to almost slapping the horn before the easy climbing starts. I wasn't expecting that. Sensibly i waited for cooler temps and on my next go it felt as it always does on redpoint, easy! Every hold had some friction as opposed to previous slimefest go. I had a bit of a monent on easier section but powered home to glory.

Next up was hot fun closing. I put the clips in, worked the moves again, and lowered off. It felt fine. Later on i go for the redpoint only too fail three times on Kudos. The sidepull seems almost wet. After getting ready to give up i manage to stick the move, then crusie to the break. I move up and through the last hard bit, but my strength is waining. I am almost off, but carry on. I slap the second to last hold. I stick it but am barely on. I don't have it in me to go again to jug. Disapointment. Will have to wait till next time.

Got the beta from Ted on all the stuff at Rubicon, so still loads to go at.

Finish hot fun closing.
Dangerous brothers.
Re-do Tribes with broken hold.
Maybe Beluga.
Then Zeke.

I am going to be busy for a while, what with all my other projects.

Out for now.

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